Woman says she was targeted by Delta for not wearing a bra – NBC Los Angeles

A woman, who was pulled off a Delta Air Lines flight for possibly not wearing a bra, demanded the airliner change its policy.

Lisa Archbold held a news conference with her attorney Gloria Allred Thursday, saying she showed up to board her Delta flight at Salt Lake City Airport in January, dressed comfortably in a loose, white shirt and pants. 

But shortly after the entire plan was seated, a flight attendant came to her seat and asked her to speak in private, escorting Archbold off the plane.

“I was targeted and humiliated,” said Archold, who described she felt as though she was a criminal.

Archbold suspected the airliner had a problem with the fact the passenger wasn’t wearing a bra. 

“The gate agent told her that when passengers are wearing offensive or revealing clothing, Delta’s official policy is to remove them from the flight,” Allred said.

Archbold said she was allowed to fly under the condition that she put another shirt on top of the one she was wearing. When she brought the matter to the head flight attendant, she claims the official told her Delta’s official policy is that “women must cover up.”

When NBC Los Angeles contacted Delta about its dress code and Archbold’s case, the commercial airliner responded by saying that earlier this year, Delta representatives had contacted Archbold with an apology.

And according to Delta’s dress standards, the airliner notes online that it can refuse to transport “when the passenger’s conduct, attire, hygiene or odor creates an unreasonable risk of offense or annoyance to other passengers.”

Allred said the treatment of Archbold was discrimination. 

While Archbold and her legal team are not filing a suit against Delta at this point, they want the company to change its policies as well as to hold a meeting with the airliner’s president.

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