Friday, January 15, 2021
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Google tries to allay Fitbit-deal privacy fears

In a blog, Google said the acquisition "has always been about devices, not data". Source link #Google #allay #Fitbitdeal #privacy #fears

CES 2021: Smart pillows and internet-connected smoothies

New smart home gadgets have been unveiled at the annual CES tech expo.They include a pillow that tracks owners' movements at night to help...

Samsung S21 Ultra: First look at the new device

Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S smartphone works with its stylus for the first time.The S Pen is an optional add-on for the Galaxy S21...

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Does stylus spell end of the Note?

And they will be sold without either a charger - a decision over which Samsung had mocked its rival. - or earphones. Source link #Samsung...

‘Everybody can join in a sea shanty’

A Scottish postie has seen his live of sea shanties take off on TikTok.Nathan Evans, from Airdrie, has racked up millions of views and...

The Scottish postman behind 'Sea Shanty TikTok'

Nathan Evans's renditions of the ancient songs have racked up millions of views on the video-sharing app. Source link #Scottish #postman #039Sea #Shanty #TikTok039

Tesla asked to recall 158,000 cars over safety concerns

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sent Tesla a formal letter requesting the recall. Source link #Tesla #asked #recall #cars #safety #concerns

Super Nintendo World opening delayed by Japan’s virus outbreak

But in December, Nintendo posted a video tour of the park in December, starring Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong,...

Bitcoin: Newport man’s plea to find £210m hard drive in tip

James Howells had 7,500 bitcoins, a virtual currency, on the hard drive, which he mistakenly threw away in 2013. Source link #Bitcoin #Newport #mans...

Cyberpunk 2077: We underestimated difficulties

The co-founder for Cyberpunk 2077's developer is explaining what went wrong with the launch. Source link #Cyberpunk #underestimated #difficulties