Uncle will be exposed in Holi

Ghoom Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein: Star Plus serial 'Ghoom Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein' has become a favorite of the audience since its inception. Savi is insulted a lot at Swati's house and no one says anything. Reva stops her mother from speaking ill, but she still doesn't listen to her. Ishaan takes Savi aside and tells Swati that he was the one who brought her. Meanwhile, seeing Anvi alone, Mukul uncle comes to the Bhosale family. He touches her inappropriately and then comes the key. Anvi asks him for help.

The upcoming episode of 'Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein'
In the latest episode of Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, it will be shown that Savi remembers Swati and Ishaan's conversation and starts getting headache. Shikha comes to him and asks to apply balm. Savi agreed and then she got a call. Savi comes back after talking on phone and asks Shikha to apply balm. Shikha leaves and can't see Savi. Ishaan applies balm and massages her head.

Ishaan and Savi get into an argument
Savi does not know that Ishaan has applied balm on her body. Savi says she feels like kissing his hand. Hearing this, Ishaan starts laughing. Savi says she is pressing her head like a bird. Ishaan then says that he is just a grumpy sir. Savi is shocked to see him and asks what he is doing. An argument starts between the two. In Gum Hai Kisi Ki Pyaar Mein, it will be shown that Ishaan apologizes to her and says that he is sorry for what happened at Swati's house. Ishaan says he is not inauspicious.

Gum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein: Savi is shocked to know uncle's truth, Anvi asks him for help

Savi gives courage to Anvi to fight
Anvi is sitting alone and Savi goes there. She talks to Savi and asks why she lied to everyone. Savi tells Anvi the story of Prahlad and his father Hiranyakashyap. She tells him that she will find people like mukul mama everywhere like bus, train, college. Will she depend on others for her safety at all times? He must fight for himself. Anvi started thinking about his words. The next morning, the Bhosle family had a Holi. Sikha makes dolls and gets emotional remembering Chinmay. Asmita tells him that she is busy with her work.

Anvi will teach uncle a lesson
Savi asks Shikha and Asmita why Chinmay didn't remember his family all these years. Surekha hears this and scolds Shikha that she is wasting her time. At the Holi party, Durva plays Holi with her friends. Ayush goes to color Durva and she refuses him. Anvi sees everything and remembers uncle. She shouts at Ayush and says doesn't he understand the meaning of no? Savi sees all this and praises Anvi. Savi tells him that the demon called Mama will not leave him so soon. Anvi says she will expose them today.


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