This is how these TV stars play Holi

Holi 2024: Festival of Colors 'Holi' is a festival of joy and harmony. With the changing times, there have been many changes in the way Holi is played. This festival of water and colors is now joining the dry colors of Holi with the changing times. Here, celebrities share their Holi memories, preparations and their favorite way to play Holi. Moments of interaction with Urmila Kori.

Amrita Khanwilkar : Holi we used to play as children should come back.

Whenever Holi is discussed, I remember Holika Dahan the most. Fire of Holi destroys sorrows. We Marathi people have a tradition of offering white clothes in it. I still remember his hoarse voice. The sound of a water cannon filled with water and the sound of a water filled balloon falling on someone's back, I also remember in the name of Holi. Holi as a child was very memorable. We used to play in the colony and the people of the colony would throw water from above. Holi has become very glamorized these days. There is no trace of childhood in it. I want the Holi that I played in my childhood to come back. The glamorization of Holi must end. Now I play Holi with some gulal. I will play like this this year too. I am very afraid of colors that stay on the skin. There was a time when people wore silver and gold, so I stopped playing Holi. Holi for me means gulal and pani and I enjoy it a lot.

Vibhav Roy : We used to play Holi with friends not with water but with mud.

When I hear the name Holi, the first thing that comes to my mind are colors, sweets, happiness, friends and family. Holi as a child was very memorable. Because at that time we used to play Holi with whatever was in hand without thinking about anything. We didn't care if the color suited the skin. We used to jump not only in the water but also in the mud with our friends. Regarding this Holi, my parents are coming to meet me. This year's Holi will be completely dedicated to the family. I will celebrate Holi with my family. My mother doesn't like color and water Holi, so I will celebrate Holi this time with Gulal and delicious food.

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Ankit Bathala: Holi reminds us of Gujia, colors and rain dance

When you hear the name Holi, the first thing that comes to your mind is gujya, colors and rain dance. As for the Holi of childhood, the most memorable Holi for me is the Holi of childhood. When I woke up in the morning on Holi, my mother used to apply oil to my body and hair first thing. She used to apply face cream to keep the color from fading, as I used to play Holi carelessly. Mother was worried as she had to go to school the next day. Went shopping for Holi, which included white clothes with colours, water bottles. This time I will celebrate Holi with my friends. We eat good food and cook it ourselves. I love the color. Holi brings a sense of unity, as no individual form or color is seen when the colors are applied. Everyone looks the same. Personally, I love both color and water.

Romit Raj: The fun associated with Holi colors and rain dance is refreshing.

Holi takes me back to memories of celebrating with my mom, dad and brother. All the fun and mischief associated with color and water balloons and the rain dance comes to mind. Talking about childhood Holi, those days were very memorable. I used to play Holi not for one day but for seven days. My mother used to treat everyone who came to the house with her own handmade thandai and gujya. My father used to prepare Holi dishes himself, so it was very special. As for this year's Holi, I have stopped playing Holi for a few years now. Now I don't think so. I miss the people with whom I used to play Holi. Holi is no longer the same for me. By the way, my daughter Reha is very excited to play Holi. His exams are going on, but I will not stop him.

Shireen Shivani : Used to play dirty Holi with colorful balloons and eggs.

Whenever Holi is discussed, the first thing that comes to my mind are colors, balloons, eggs and happiness. If we compare childhood Holi with present scenario, I know this may not sound good to say, but I used to play dirty Holi and it is my favorite Holi. Holi has started so I will tell my friends to come and get eggs. Along with colorful balloons, I used to throw eggs at people. Talking about Holi planning this time, I like to play dirty Holi, but this year I will not be able to play Holi because I have become a mother few days ago. If this is my son's first Holi, it will not be dry. I will celebrate Holi with my favorite food by making Gulal Tikka.

Vaishali Mhade : As a child used to play Holi with water made from colorful flowers in the forest.

Holi for me means happiness and company of loved ones. People go separate for their work and career, but during the festival of Holi, the family comes together and celebrates it together. It feels very special to me. I have many beautiful memories of Holi from my childhood. It was school time, a few days before Holi we used to go to the forest and collect colorful flowers from the forest and when it boiled we used to play Holi with the colored water that came out. We used to play Holi by nature so Holi was very special. I miss that Holi a lot. Meanwhile, this year's Holi is going to be very special. This year I will celebrate Holi with the tribals of Nandumarg. I am very excited to see their Holi traditions.


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