Started acting to run a household – Mahima Makwana

Actress Mahima Makwana is seen in the recently released Showtime web series on Disney Plus Hotstar. In this serial she plays the role of a film critic, in her personal life she is not impressed by reading film reviews. It is their own decision whether to watch the movie or not. Snapshots of conversation with Urmila Kori….

How special an opportunity do you feel to be a part of Dharma Productions' web series?
The big thing is that the Dharma team felt that I would be perfect for the character of Mihika. I am thankful to them for their trust. As far as meeting Karan Johar is concerned, you won't believe me if I tell you. We met for the first time during the trailer launch of this serial. First interaction there. It also started with rapid fire.

How similar is she to Mihika's character?
I am also very honest in my personal life. You are honest, which clearly means that you accept yourself as you are. There is unity in Mihika too. He is just like me. The same character as the beginning. I am like that, but in the end I was like her. (Laughs) I'm not like that, I want to make it clear.

You started in television as a child actor, often times television actors don't get the same opportunities in films, do you also go through this?
Every television actor has to go through this. Mouni also said that people get typecast, but there is no short cut to hard work. It should be understood that no opportunity is too small or too big. My role in Ankhil was only for 15 minutes but I played it with all my heart. When you come from a middle-class home and are not connected to the industry at all, you think this one opportunity will change your life, but it doesn't. You have to be patient. You have to keep your head down and keep working hard. It is very difficult, but one must persevere.

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Doesn't rejection bother you?
It is a matter of perspective. Sometimes I want to hit my head. If I wake up every morning thinking negatively, I should do something else. I am a firm believer that whatever is written in your destiny definitely happens. Be it good or bad. The last one was in 2020. Today is 2024. My acting journey started in 2011 with the television show Sapne Suha, but I still consider it my beginning.

What have you been up to in the years since the last show, how have you kept yourself busy?
I have worked continuously in TV. There I worked on myself 24 hours a day whenever I had free time. Many auditions were also given. Making new friends. I'm 24 now, so I think there's still time.

Are you also a victim of industry politics?
Yes, many times I used to reach audition level one. Then I didn't get that film, someone else got it, so it's not an easy place.

How financially strong have you made yourself?
I am still the only earning member of my family. I started working to run the house. I lost my father when I was nine years old. I have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. This industry can never make you financially secure. If there is work today, there is no work tomorrow, if there is work tomorrow, there is no work the day after. I don't think I'm safe. I come from a very humble background. Many times I get attached to some project or other only because of money. I am not ashamed to admit it. However, now along with acting, I should also be involved in a startup so that it can become a source of income.

There's a dialogue in the series, I'm afraid I might get lost in the dark, does the darkness of the industry's glitz bother you in your personal life?
My family will never let me get lost in this darkness. Single parents are a bit strict, so my mom is strict. Where am I, with whom? They know everything. After I finish my work, I like to visit my mom and my dog ​​Doggo.

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