SEAN HANNITY: Trump won 'major' legal victory in New York

Fox News host Sean Hannity explains what former President Donald Trump's civil trial in New York means for the American justice system.


SEAN HANNITÉ: But tonight I must begin with a plea. Please be kind to your far left radical friends. It's only Monday, but they're having a very difficult week. Now the famous Democratic strategist James Carville. I have debated him many times. He just compared Biden's poll numbers to seeing your grandmother naked. Meanwhile, in Puerto Rico, an awkward and embarrassing moment, a bizarre moment for your Vice President Harris. Here she is, accidentally clapping at a protest against the Biden White House. I can not do that. Oh. THANKS. I have no idea what you're singing about, but thanks for that anyway. Anyway, in New York it was a bad day for the fake news of CNN and the crazy MSDNC fringe, panicked and in disbelief at the far left networks and, of course, the whole mob mainstream media. For what? Donald Trump has won a major legal victory in New York. Today, the state appeals court reduced his record bail for the attorney general's bogus civil fraud case, dropping it from an unprecedented half-billion dollars to, well, $175 million. Still a very high figure, but Trump is ready to pay it in cash.

NOW. So far, the radical left's plan to derail Trump through law, as we call it, is not going as planned in the state of Georgia. Anti-Trump DA Fani Willis was heavily reprimanded by a Superior Court judge as a potential liar who had demonstrated unprofessional behavior in and out of court. Today, Fani Willis says she did nothing wrong and vows to continue fighting Donald Trump. “The train is coming.” Attention!

“Revenge is mine,” says Fani Willis. Today, in the midst of all this chaos, the first criminal trial against Donald Trump, it now has a start date. It would be April 15. This is a very unusual case in New York. You might remember it. Recall that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg used what was a bizarre and unprecedented legal mechanism. I never really explained it completely. He did it to get around the statute of limitations and charge certain misdemeanors, his crimes, all related to the way certain Trump Organization documents were labeled. It sounds complicated because it is. Today, the case is so far-fetched that even federal prosecutors under Biden have declined to file charges, and their main witness doesn't really have much credibility when it comes to the question of truth. But this is where we are as a country. Anti-Trump prosecutors want to concoct their charges in far-left radical districts, places where Donald Trump likely won't be able to get a fair trial. And they want to use our justice system as a political weapon, in this case against the Republican presidential candidate.


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