Parag brings Rinku Ghosh and Dev Singh in 'Ladies Special'.

Bhojpuri Film: Filmmakers RR Prince and Parag Patil are coming up with a new film titled 'Ladies Special' under the banner of their production house Technician Film Factory. Well-known Bhojpuri actors Dev Singh, Rinku Ghosh and Vimal Pandey will be seen in lead roles in the film, which will tell the story of women's empowerment on screen. The makers have started the shooting of this film. Actress Rinku Ghosh will also be seen in the film. She will be seen romancing the versatile actor Dev Singh. A picture of them has gone viral on social media, in which the couple is looking very cute.

A great actor in the movie

About this film, producer Parag Patil said that this film is based on a story and we are making it in a different way. He said that the audience will get a glimpse of the beauty of Bhojpuri cinema along with entertainment in this film. Parag Patil said that we have worked very hard on the story of Ladies Special. During its pre-production, we decided that the film had to be produced on a large scale. With this in mind, we casted the film and now we have come on the floor with the film. Patil said that the film has more than one actor, who are experts in their respective fields. With this, we believe that we will bring a new film to the audience. About the casting of Dev Singh and Rinku Ghosh, he said that his recent 'Nand' was the best TRP-grossing film, in which the chemistry between Rinku Ghosh and Dev Singh was loved by the audience. So when we were casting for our film, we approached him and today he is acting in our film and a picture of the two of them has gone viral, which has become a hit with the audience.

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These actors will be seen in this film

Parag Patil himself is a big director in the industry and he has given many superhit films so far. Still they have signed the famous director of the industry Chirag Dutt Kashyap for this film. The shooting of the movie Ladies Special is going on under his direction. Also, industry experienced DOP RR Prince is also the producer of this film like Parag Patil and the responsibility of DOP in this film has been given to Aman Pandey. Apart from Dev Singh, Rinku Ghosh and Vimal Pandey, it stars Awadhesh Mishra, Preeti Singh, Reena Rani Maya Yadav, Anita Rawat, Pallavi Giri, Khushboo Yadav, Baleshwar Singh, OP Kashyap and Sanjeev Mishra in lead roles. The PRO of the film is Ranjan Sinha.


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