New York Times Op-Ed Video Says 'Deep State' Is 'Pretty Awesome'

The New York Times video opinion team traveled the country on a project to humanize the “deep state,” declaring it “pretty awesome” in its new report.

The piece, which is both an article and a video essay, took aim at former President Trump's constant rhetorical attacks on the “deep state,” the often derogatory term used to refer to unelected bureaucrats, he and his supporters believe she is helping to thwart his agenda.

To characterize Trump's claims as paranoid, the authors traveled to meet with various federal officials across the country and highlighted their normal, down-to-earth nature.


Trump New York Times

The New York Times came under fire this week after publishing an opinion piece claiming that the “deep state” that former President Trump railed against was “brilliant.” (Getty Images)

The article stated: “In meeting the Americans who are considered public enemies, we discovered that they were… us. They love Taylor Swift. They dance bachata. They go to bed at night watching reruns of “Star Trek.” work and do their job: save us from Armageddon. »

The corresponding video showed brief interviews with people working at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Marshall Space Flight Center and other U.S. government agencies.

The article goes on to tell readers that they should support this “deep state.”

“When we hear 'the deep state,' instead of cringing, we should come together. We should think of the workers otherwise known as our public servants, the everyday superheroes who wake up ready to dedicate their careers and lives to serve us.”

“These are the Americans we employ. Although their work is often invisible, it makes our lives better,” the article states, before warning that Trump plans to get rid of many of these individuals if he returns to the White House.

“But if Donald Trump is re-elected and passes Schedule F, that could change,” he said, referring to the classification status that would make it easier to fire civil servants as political appointees. “He would have the power to eviscerate the so-called deep state and replace our public servants with people who work for him, not us.”

The article concluded: “In the video above, you'll meet some of our hard-working U.S. officials, and we hope you'll agree that they're not at all scary. They're actually nice. awesome.”


New York Times Building

A New York Times opinion piece argued that Americans should “rally” with the deep state. (Photo by Fox News/Joshua Comins)

Times critics of X blasted the paper for its “playful” defense.

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote: “Perfect headline from the New York Times. Perfect expression of the predominant American liberal ideology. Perfect illustration of the servile relationship between corporate media and the US government. Yes, it is designed to be “fun”: to humanize the most powerful. agencies. 10/10.”

X owner Elon Musk ripped the media outlet, saying, “They are the mouthpiece of the state.”

The conservative media account “Evie Magazine” posted: “I thought the deep state wasn't real.”

Federalist editor Mollie Hemingway commented, “Besides, I'm so old I remember when I was insulted for referring to the 'deep state.' By the people who now tell us to worship the deep state. »

“NEW: The New York Times published a propaganda article calling the 'deep state' 'brilliant' in a desperate attempt to enlighten the American people,” wrote conservative commentator Collin Rugg. “The outlet interviewed low-level officials to make the American people believe that the 'deep state' is just a right-wing conspiracy theory.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert, Republican of Colorado, gave him two cents for the article, saying: “When you're part of the deep state, you'd say this. Thanks for showing us who you are, New York Times!”



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