LAUSD Instrument repair team documentary wins an Oscar – NBC Los Angeles

Among those enjoying their Oscar awards this morning is a 12-year-old girl and the team behind The Last Repair Shop, the story of an LAUSD program that restores musical instruments. 

LAUSD superintendent Alberto Carvalho said LAUSD’s music program continues to expand, with 40,000 new instruments purchased and more teachers hired. 

The Oscar win was a validation of that and for public schools and for the parents of one of the filmmakers, it was a validation that they did good. 

In Mid City, the cheers were even bigger than they were in Hollywood because, the only thing better than being an Oscar winner, is being the parents of one. 

The parents of Kris Bowers joyously celebrated with friends and family when “The Last Repair Shop,” the story about LAUSD’s musical instrument repair program won the Oscar for documentary short. 

“It filled my heart, it’s so special seeing so much of my family seeing that moment all together,” Kris Bowers said. 

A family beaming just as much as 12-year-old Porsche Brinker was beaming as she strolled to the stage holding her dress and commanded the stage holding her Oscar. 

“This is Porsche Brinker, she’s 12 years old, she plays violin in our public schools she looks amazing tonight,” Bowers said.

No less jubilant was LA’s superintendent of schools who sent Brinker and her fellow student, 17-year-old Ismerai Lopez to the Dolby theater on a school bus rather than a limo, to remind everyone that The Last Repair Shop shows that public schools are still relevant and important. 

“A lot of people saw our film which was really nice to hear and there’s a lot of people who were really nice,” Lopez said. 

“Los Angeles loves its public schools, loves its students and the Last Repair Shop demonstrates that, Carvallho said. And now there are two gold statues to prove it. 

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