Kinjal was kidnapped by miscreants

Anupama's Upcoming Twist: Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna's show Anupama is getting more interesting by the day. The makers are bringing new twists in this serial, which the audience is loving. In this serial, it is shown that Anuj has agreed to marry Shruti. Both of them have once again come to America. On the other hand Vanraj and Ba had already come to America. Now Vanraj has invited his entire family. Anupama gets emotional after meeting her grandchildren.

BG meets Anupama's family
Anupama shows that Biji is very happy to meet Ishani, Ansh, Pari and Mahi. Biji meets Vanraj and says that he is even more rude than Leela. Biji orders a welcome drink for everyone. Anupama goes to get drinks, but BG asks her to stay with the family. Biji and Hasmukh meet. Babu ji flirts with BG and Leela is very sad to see this. At the same time, Kinjal feels that someone is watching her in her house. Kinjal gets upset seeing goons in the house.

Kinjal was kidnapped by miscreants
At the same time Vanraj asks for the happiness of his family. Praying for Pakhi to settle in America, Kavya seeks her daughter Mahi's happiness. Mahi prays that Vanraj's attention goes to her. Dimpy asks God to help her. Biji prays to God that her restaurant does not close down. Anupama prays that she gets bail. Anuj brings Adhya and Shruti to play Holi with Shah. Aadhya is not at all happy about this. Vanraj meets him. Anupama searches for her daughter-in-law Kinjal. Kinjal is kidnapped by miscreants.

Fight between Adhya and Pakhi
Adya asks Anuj to leave from there. An argument starts between Adya and Pakhi. Yashdeep asks them to leave from there. At that time Anupama is about to fall and Yashdeep saves her from falling. Meanwhile, Pari asks Anupama to call Kinjal. Goon asks Kinjal about Toshu. Kinjal tells them that he has run away and not to tell them anything more. Goons threaten Kinjal and she panics.

Anupama: Pakhi and Adhyat fight over this, Babu ji asks Anu for help


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