Cannes 2024: The accomplice red carpet of Emma Stone, Yorgos Lanthimos, Willem Dafoe…

Cannes day 4: Climbing the steps of Kinds of Kindness

Cannes day 4: Emma (Emily) Stone was the star of this Friday evening

Cannes day 4: Yorgos Lanthimos was surrounded by all his main actors

Cannes day 4: Willem Dafoe and Emma Stone meet again just after Poor Creature

Cannes day 4: Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst

Cannes day 4: Margaret Qualley

Cannes day 4: Jesse Plemons and Margaret Qualley

Cannes day 4: Willem Dafoe

Cannes day 4: Hunter Schafer

Cannes day 4: Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe

Cannes day 4: Other stars were invited to take the steps, like Demi Moore

Cannes day 4: Eva Green (jury member)

Cannes day 4: Eva Longoria

Margaret Qualley and Jesse Plemons were equally smiling as they climbed the Kinds of Kindness steps.

Emma Stone, Yorgos Lanthimos And William Dafoe are starting to know each other well, and it shows: they were particularly complicit during the climb of the steps of Kinds of Kindnessa film in three parts selected in competition at Cannes, which brings them together just a few months after the triumph of Poor creatures.

Emily in Cannes

The interpreter of Bella Baxter, who was already one of the stars of The Favoriterecently said that she would like to find her birth name, Emilynot Emma.

She appeared particularly smiling on the red carpet of this third evening of the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. Her playing partners Margaret Qualley And Jesse Plemons (obviously accompanied by his wife Kirsten Dunsta regular at the Croisette) were just as relaxed, whispering secrets between two photos, improvising a dance step on the steps or all laughing together at the same joke.

As soon as they entered the Palais des Festivals, the entire team was acclaimed by the public. Was the reception so good for the film? We'll talk about it again very quickly, in our review.

Kinds of Kindness will be released on June 26 in France.

Surprising new posters for Kinds of Kindness, with multiple Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe…


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