Anuj's anger on Aadhya

Anupama: The popularity of Anupama series is very high among the audience. There is a lot of drama in the story of the serial. The show shows the Shah family coming to America. Anupama is very happy and emotional after seeing everyone together. On the other hand, Shruti is excited about her marriage with Anuj. Meanwhile, some miscreants enter Kinjal's house and ask her about Toshu. Kinjal knows nothing about Toshu and tells them this. However, the miscreants did not believe his words and kidnapped him.

Latest episode of Anupama

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, it will be shown that Anuj is very angry with Adhya. He tells her what is your problem. Anuj tells her that she left your hand to save Anu and Anu saved Pari instead of you, so you have this problem. Anuj reminds her of the old incident and says if she had saved you that day, the car would have fallen into the valley. He says that you will gain full importance because you were wronged as a child.

Adhya gets a warning from Anuj

Anuj warns his daughter Adhya that if she speaks rudely to her father or misbehaves with him, he will never speak to her again. Anuj says don't forget that I am your father and I am more stubborn than you. Hearing all this, Adhya starts crying. Meanwhile, Vanraj and the entire Shah family come to Kinjal's house. Kinjal tells them about the goons. Everyone lost their senses after hearing this. Anupama says that she is explaining to everyone. Today those people broke into the house, I don't know if they shot someone yesterday. So it would be better if Toshu surrendered. Anupama advises the family to file a complaint against the gangsters.

Anupama: Kinjal kidnapped by miscreants, Adhya gets angry seeing Shah family.

For this reason, Vanraj called Toshu

The Shah family remembers Samar's death and everyone gets upset. All the members of the house put pressure on Vanraj to take Toshu back. Babu ji asks his son Vanraj that why will he live his entire life in such fear? Meanwhile, Toshu remembers Kinjal and Pari. Anupama tells Vanraj that only Toshu is your son, Kinjal is not your daughter. Vanraj calls Toshu, but he doesn't pick up. Toshu sees the goons and hides and listens to them. The goons say that the next time they see Toshu, they will shoot him.

Adhya apologizes to Anuj

Vanraj assures the entire family that he does not know where Toshu is hiding. He says he called him, but Toshu didn't pick up. Meanwhile, Shruti comes to meet Anuj. Anuj tells him that he cannot teach good manners to children. He says he brought Aadhya here to heal her injuries. He says I could not teach him anything. Just then Adhya comes and apologizes to him. She says she knows right and wrong, but when she gets angry, she doesn't see anything.


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