Angad met Sahiba after six years

Teri Meri Doriyan: Teri Meri Doriyan has taken a leap of six years. Angad and Sahiba are now living separately. Sahiba has a son named Akir and lives with Daljit. Unknowingly, Angad meets Akir and Daljit. Daljit and Angad became friends. Whenever Angad sees Akira, he feels a sense of belonging. However, he does not know that Akir is Sahib's son. Tonight's episode is going to be very special.

Latest episode of Teri Mary Doria
In the latest episode of Teri Meri Doria, Daljit will be shown thinking about whether Sahiba will like the ring or not. Meanwhile, Sahiba asks Twinkle to call Daljit. Twinkle tells him that Sahiba's horoscope says that she will meet someone connected to her past. Hearing this, Sahiba started thinking about Angad. On the other hand, Angad calls Gary and tells him that he is returning to Ludhiana and is on his way.

Angad met Sahiba after six years
Akir asks Daljit about the decorations. Daljit tells him that he is doing all this for his mother. Today he will have a very important discussion with Sahiba. After lights out, everyone gathers for Akir's birthday. At the same time, a sudden storm comes and Angad gets trapped in it. Angad stops by a house to ask the way forward and that house belongs to Daljit. Teri Meri Doria will show Angad reaching the house and seeing Sahiba. Both are facing each other after six years. Then Daljit comes there and says that Sahiba is his wife. Daljit invites him to Akir's birthday and he agrees.

Teri Meri Doriyan: After Veer, this character will bid adieu to the show, leaving Angad-Sahib's life


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