Yashdeep breaks silence on the falling TRP of the serial

Anupama: Rajan Shahi's popular serial Anupama gives tough competition to other shows in terms of TRPs. The show stars Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna in lead roles. Ever since the start of this series, this series has been getting a lot of love from the audience. Anupama's story impressed people and the audience began to connect with her. Its scenes and dialogues flooded the social media. The popularity of this serial made Rupali one of the top actresses on TV. Not long ago the TRP of the show reached 4.8 and it surprised everyone. However, now its TRP has come down to 2.6 and 2.7. One person has responded to this.

Waqar Shaikh breaks silence on Anupama's falling TRPs
Anupama's TRP has decreased from 4.8 to 2.6 and 2.7, so it is very low. The makers are bringing new twists and turns to it, so that the audience can connect with it as much as possible. Now Waqar Shaikh, who played the role of Yashdeep in the serial, has spoken big while reacting to the low ratings of the show. While talking to Just Showbiz, he said that the ratings of all the shows have gone down. While Anupama's rating was more than four, other shows also had better numbers. TRPs of big channels have decreased because before that there were no channels like Hisar, Atrangi TV, Dangal TV. Now TRP is going to benefit everyone.

Waqar Sheikh said
Getting a rating of 2.5 and above is like breaking a record, says Waqar Shaikh. The serial Anupama is still on top and that means the makers and actors are doing well. We tell you that the latest episode of Anupama will show Aarush trying to misbehave with Pakhi in a hotel room. Pakhi calls out for help. Anupama helps Pakhi and kills Aarush. Anupama also slaps Pakhi for not listening to Vanraj and Leela. When Aarush tries to run away, Anuj kills him. Aarush manages to escape from there. Anuj gets injured and Anupama asks him to go to the doctor. Both Adhya and Shruti are seen together.

Anupama Spoiler Alert: Aarush will misbehave with Pakhi, Anuj will be upset to see Anupama in trouble


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