President Joe Biden To Make All US Adults Eligible For Covid-19 Vaccination By April 19

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Washington: President Joe Biden will make an important announcement wherein all adults in the US will be made eligible for the Covid-19 vaccination by April 19.

According to an update shared by news agency AFP, a White House official stated that the crucial point of inoculating all adults in the country will arrive well ahead of the previous target of May 1.

Earlier, Secretary of State Antony Blinken had said that the US is looking into how it can share more vaccine resources with other countries in the future.

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“We believe that we’ll be in a position to do much more on this front. I know that many countries are asking for the US to do more, some with growing desperation, because of the scope and scale of their Covid emergencies,” DPA news agency quoted Blinken as saying on Monday.


The US government has prioritised its own population for the Coronavirus vaccination drive, which has med to President Joe Biden being accused of continuing the “America First” policy of predecessor Donald Trump, thereby making it difficult for poorer countries to get the vaccines.

According to the details provided, more than 167 million vaccine doses have already been administered in the US. About 32.4 percent of the country’s population has already received at least one dose of the vaccine.

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