Anupama will be eliminated after reaching the semi-finals

Anupama: Rupali Ganguly's serial Anupama has once again topped the TRPs. The track of the serial has been very exciting, which is loved by the audience. In this serial, it is shown that Anuj will start a new life with Shruti. Recently there was a shooting at Adhya and Pari's school, in which Shruti was shot. This incident has a bad effect on Aadhya and once again she starts having panic attacks. Anuj then seeks Anu's help and asks her to shift to his house.

Dimpy will run away from home
In the upcoming episode of Anupama, it will be shown that Vanraj wants Dimpy to marry his love. Dimpy though. She loves Titu and doesn't want to get married. She runs away from the Shah house with her son Ansh. Vanraj gets very angry at this and puts all the blame on Anupam. In this series, Anu will be seen preparing for the semi-finals of the Superstar Chef competition. She will start with full energy, but something will happen in the middle, which will scare her.

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Anupama will be eliminated from the competition
Anupama shows that Anu is involved in a competition, when the contestant's blender breaks and Anu starts to remember the shootout. She faints and when she regains consciousness, she finds herself in Yashdeep's house. Yashdeep will tell her that she was thrown out of the competition as she fainted. Anupama will cry a lot after hearing this. On the other hand, Vanraj and Toshu will not hold back from making fun of Anupama after knowing this. At the same time, Adhya starts having more panic attacks, after which Anu comes to Anuj's house on her request. Along with taking care of Aadhya, Anu will also start working for Shruti and Anuj.


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