Plane In America’s Denver City Suffers Mid-Air Engine Failure, Large Debris Falls Off From Sky

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Denver: A Boeing 777-200 airplane operated by United Airlines was forced to return to the airport as it suffered engine failure during the flight, leading to debris falling off from the sky on Saturday over the US city of Denver. ALSO READ | NASA Perseverance Rover Sends Breath-Taking Images From The Red Planet

The flight, which was headed to Honolulu, Hawaii, “returned to Denver International Airport and landed safely Saturday after experiencing a right-engine failure shortly after takeoff,” the US Federal Aviation Administration informed on Twitter.

The images and videos of the debris falling off the sky are being widely shared on social media.

 Here is a video where the engine failure and the debris falling from the aeroplane can be seen.

A photo of a large circular piece of the United Airlines plane at a yard in Broomfield, Colorado, a Denver suburb Рis perhaps the one gaining the most traction. 

The US Federal Aviation Administration stated that it was “aware of reports of debris in the vicinity of the airplane’s flight path”.

Meanwhile, in another video shared by local media persons, passengers on the flight were seen cheering as the plane landed safely after encountering the “Mayday” situation – averting the situation of loss of life.

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