Why did Aamir's Dangal get a U certificate?

Before going to watch any movie in theaters or any serial on mobile-TV, it is checked first. This looks at whether the text is suitable for children.

Ua certification

What is Censor Board of India?
Indian Censor Board plays a very important role while watching the content of a movie or serial. Its official name is Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC).

Ua Certificate 4
Ua certification

Who regulates CBFC?
The CBFC works under the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting of the country.

Ua Certificate 3
Ua certification

How many CBFCs are there in the country?
There is only one Board in the country, which is headquartered in Mumbai. It also has offices in other major cities.

Ua Certificate 8
Ua certification

Meaning of S, U, U/A and A ratings
CBFC members issue a total of 4 types of ratings after watching a movie or serial.

Ua Certificate 2
Ua certification

Meaning of U Certificate
The U certification means it can be watched by audiences of all ages.

Ua Certificate 9
Ua certification

U/A certification
Films with this certificate cannot be viewed by children under 12 years of age. CBFC has given this advice.

Ua Certificate 6
Ua certification

a certificate
The certification is given to films and series whose content contains offensive language, nudity or scenes of violence. This means only people over 18 are allowed to watch it.

Ua Certificate 11
Ua certification

S certification
This rating means that the content is made for a specific group. For example, illustrated content for doctors and scientists.

Ua Certificate 5
Ua certification

The difference between U, U/A and A ratings
There is a big difference between the three ratings. For example, Dangal got a U, Ragini MMS2 got an A and War got a U/A certificate.

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