Whoopi Goldberg replays Sister Act 2 for the film's 30th anniversary

Back in a nun's habit, she led a choir in covering “Oh Happy Day.”

She put on her most beautiful nun's habit to play Sister Mary Clarence again. Yesterday, on the ABC talk show “The View”, of which she is host, Whoopi Golderg found Dolores, heroine of the saga Sister Actto celebrate 30 years of Sister Act 2released in theaters in 1994.

She led a choir from the LaGuardia High School of Music & Art bring, to cover the famous “Oh Happy Day”, with a few other film stars of the time to accompany her as Kathy Najimy (sister Mary Patrick) and Wendy Makkena (sister Mary Robert). Unfortunately, Lauryn Hill, star of the Fugees revealed by the film, was not at the party.

let's remember that Sister Act 3 is expected soon on Disney Plus And it is certainly no coincidence that Whoopi Goldberg took out the outfit yesterday…


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