Who says Kallu will fight?

Bhojpuri Song: Singer and actor Arvind Akela Kallu, who has become the heart throb of youth in the Bhojpuri industry, has launched his new song 'Jagda Karela' in the music market. This song has been released on YouTube channel SRK Music. The song is going viral as soon as it is released. When the title of this song is 'Jagda Kela', there will definitely be an influx of love in it. A fan also commented on this, “The one who is loved the most, often fights with that person.”
Kallu's new style is seen every time in the music video. You should also check out this song –

Khushi Kakkar has lent her voice along with Kallu in the song 'Jagda Karel'. In the video, Pooja Thakur is seen fighting with Kallu. The hilarious dialogue between the boyfriend and girlfriend in the song is very interesting. Kallu's special performance in such songs adds life to it.
Recently his 'Lahsoon Mircha Ke Chatni' music video with singer Shilpi Raj also went viral.

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Bhojpuri Song: 'Jagda Karela' song 3 release in the voice of Kallu and Khushi Kakkar

About his new music video 'Jagda Karela', Kallu says the song is very fun and every couple can relate to it. He has appealed that everyone should give their full love to this song. He said that SRK Music is playing a positive role in taking Bhojpuri songs and music forward.

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Bhojpuri Song: Kallu and Khushi Kakkar's new song 'Jagda Karela' released 4

PRO Ranjan Sinha says that Kallu has a lot of fans in the Bhojpuri music industry. He has become the soul of young hearts. His new song 'Jagda Karel' is very cute. It is written by Prabhu Vishnupuri and music composed by Priyanshu Singh. Choreographer is MK Gupta Joy. It is the concept of Arvind Mishra.

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