What will be the new emotions of Vice-Versa 2?

Say hello to Anxiety, Boredom, Envy and Embarrassment.

In full adolescence, Riley will have too many emotions in Vice-Versa 2 ! So much so that Pixar was forced to cut one during editing… After Joy & Company in the first part, four new emotions will knock on the door of Riley's brain in this new film.

Anxiety is already the star of this Vice-Versa 2. It will be dubbed into French by Dorothée Pousseothe voice of Margot Robbie (in barbie notably) and many Disney like in the saga Ralph. “A true ball of energy, Anxiety enthusiastically ensures that Riley is prepared for all eventualities,” Pixar tells us. “Protecting the new teenager from dangers she cannot anticipate, she is determined to ensure that the young girl fits in with her classmates at all costs. Armed with meticulously organized lists and plans to ensure that Riley never makes any mistakes, Anxiety plans ten scenarios in advance and does not hesitate to share her doubts. She knows that she is difficult to manage but thinks that by pushing Riley towards perfection, she gets a little closer. of its objectives.”


Boredom will bring Adèle Exarchopoulos to the casting. The French star will be the voice in VF but also in VO. “Boredom, one of Riley's new emotions, doesn't care about anything. Jaded and lethargic, with a well-practiced eye roll, she adds – depending on her mood of the moment – a perfect dose of adolescent apathy to the young girl's personality. The best part is that she doesn't even have to get up from the couch to do it: she can control the console remotely using her mobile app!

Vice-Versa 2 Boredom

Envy will be dubbed in VF by the young actress Kaycie Chase (Pill). “Envy always finds a way to achieve its ends. Systematically jealous of what others have, she is never afraid to claim everything for her own account. His fascination with the trendiest and coolest things excites all his senses and leads Riley towards new aspirations.”

Vice-Versa 2 desire

Embarrassment will finally be dubbed into French by the voice of Maxime Hoareau, usually specialized in video games. “Embarrass is more of a discreet type, which is never easy when you have the appearance of a strong guy with a bright pink complexion. Shy and resolutely silent, Embarrass is even ready to collapse on the controls of the headquarters console at the slightest social embarrassment.”

Vice-Versa 2 embarrassment

In the rest of the vocal cast, we will find Charlotte Le Bon (Joy), Gilles Lellouche (Anger), Pierre Niney (Fear) and Melanie Laurent (Disgust).

Vice-Versa 2 will be released in cinemas on June 19 in France.


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