True Detective season 5 will not be the sequel to Night Country

“It’s completely different,” announces showrunner and director Issa López.

Last February, in the wake of the season 4 finale, HBO decided to renew True Detective. The anthology will return with a season 5 and with the same showrunner and director, Issa Lopezwho took over the show from Nic Pizzolatto.

However, the screenwriter does not plan to stay in Alaksa. True Detective 5 will not be the continuation of True Detective 4 and of Night Country. This will be a new independent story.


In an interview with Variety, López revealed that she is still writing but that this season 5 will, this time again, introduce, “new characters” in “completely different adventure“.

“Yes, it's great. It's completely different. There are different characters, different settings, different stories – and I'm having a blast!”

We should therefore not see Chef Liz Danvers nor Evangeline Navarro (Jodie Foster and Kali Reis).

No date announced yet for season 5, which should probably wait until 2026.


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