Tom Hardy has a blast in huge Venom: The Last Dance trailer

Eddie Brock and his symbiote reunite to conclude the trilogy.

In two films, Venom generated $1.3 billion in box office revenue. A success that seems to defy all logic. Objectively useless but undeniably fun, they are hated by critics but acclaimed by spectators. Largely thanks to the charisma of Tom Hardya real favorite of the public, who gives his all in this superheroic farce where he plays Eddie Brock, a lost journalist who finds himself adorned with an extra-terrestrial symbiote endowed with extraordinary powers.

In this third part, Hardy is more involved than ever, particularly in writing, while Kelly Marcel, who worked on the screenplay for Venom 1 And 2, is propelled as a director. As the title indicates, The Last Dance (like the famous Netflix docu on Michael Jordan), it is about concluding the trilogy and offering a Dantesque exit for the character. The first images of the film, which are revealed directly with a huge trailer lasting more than three minutes, do not hide the fact that he could die there.

If you are one of those who adhere to the delusion Venom (Tom Hardy in total overplay in the middle of an inconsistent script), this trailer is sincerely enticing (even if it massacres “Space Oddity” and David Bowie) and promises a 100% popcorn spectacle. And the plot by the way? Ah yes, Venom's planet has found its trace on Earth, and the end of the world is near. Looking forward to October 23 to discover it on the big screen.


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