These 5 Horror Web Series Will Make You Read Hanuman Chalisa

Horror Web Series on OTT: If you love watching horror movies and want to have some jalasa with friends this weekend, then we have brought you a list that will compel you to read Hanuman Chalisa.

The name 'Typewriter' comes first in the list of Bollywood horror web films. Directed by Sujoy Ghosh, this serial was released in 2019. Starring Arna Sharma, Palomi Ghosh and Mikhail Gandhi, the film is based on the story of three friends, which revolves around Pura Villa in Goa. These three friends reach this villa in search of a ghost. Where after few days they have to face strange events. You can watch Typewriter by going to the OTT platform Netflix.

Gahriyan was released in 2017. It stars Sanjida Shaikh and Vatsal Seth in lead roles. The story of this serial revolves around a girl who comes to Mumbai from Bangalore after facing many difficulties and wants to restart her career as a surgeon, but the soul of the patient she performs an autopsy on starts wandering the place. After the hospital, he has to face many kinds of supernatural events. You can watch this series on YouTube.

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Radhika Apte, Manav Kaul and Rohit Pathak starrer Ghool was released in 2018. After watching this series, your hair will stand on end and you will be forced to bite your fingers. The film is based on a demon from Arab folklore. A real ghost is a jinn. The unique story will not only make you enjoy watching the movie but also overcome all the limits of fear.

illusion (delusion)
Released in 2019, Kalki's horror web series revolves around a girl. In which the mental balance of a girl named Aisha gets disturbed after an accident. She then hallucinates that there are evil forces around, but everyone thinks she is crazy and living in delusions. You can watch this horror series on Zee5.

Ruskin Bond's ghost-stories
This 2019 series is even more terrifying. It depicts 12 different ghost stories. The story of this series is taken from Ruskin Bond's book. In the serial, the school-going child is a ghost. You can go to ZEE5 and watch Prachaa.

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