The Sausage Party series reveals its first images

Frank, Seth Rogen's sausage, is ready for new grilled adventures.

Will it be more successful than the 2016 film? Almost 10 years ago, Seth Rogen And Evan Goldberg attempted the trashy pastiche of Pixar comedies, chronicling the life of supermarket foods that came to life at night. A somewhat heavy-handed animated film, which has a sequel today: Sausage Party Foodtopia will arrive on Prime Video on July 11.

8 episodes which will notably bring back Frank, the sausage played by Seth Rogen in VO. The cast will also return Kristen Wiig, Michael Cera, David Krumholtz and Edward Norton, as well as new names: Will Forte, Sam Richardson, Natasha Rothwell and Yassir Lester.

The first images have just been posted online (via Complex Pop Culture) and reveal the return of the sausage party!

“Following the events of the 2016 film, Frank, Brenda, Barry and Sammy attempt to build their own company“, teases the official synopsis.

Seth Rogen said in 2022: “Now that cinema is completely dead and television is the king of entertainment forever, we have decided to continue the epic adventures of our culinary team in a soon-to-be legendary television masterpiece, to be called Sausage Party: Foodtopia. It's got it all: heart, plus puns and three times the sex with food… In other words, it's exactly what the world needs right now!”


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