The pair of Nirhua and Amrapali became a super hit on this song.

Bhojpuri Song: Every day some Bhojpuri song is released on YouTube and as soon as the song is released it goes viral and gets millions of views in just a few days. But one song has been trending at the #1 Top Music Video for over a year, and it's still reigning that people are making new reels every day. This is a Bhojpuri movie by Nirhua-Amrapali Dubey that released last year. “Maroon Color Sadia Song” from 'Fasal'.
The huge success of this song has proved that there is no other hit duo like Dinesh Lal Yadav, Nirhua and Amrapali in the Bhojpuri industry right now. Their pairing also makes a lot of headlines off screen.
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'Maroon Color Sariya' is graced with the voices of Neelkamal and Kalpana

The song is beautifully sung by Bhojpuri singer Neelkamal Singh and Kalpana, along with Nirhua Amrapali's equally captivating style is seen in the song 'Maroon Color Saadia' from the movie 'Fasal'. Then maybe no one thought that after a year this song will become such a hit that the views on YouTube will cross 70 crore mark. This song has received about 15 thousand comments so far. Some are saying that such clean songs are needed in Bhojpuri cinema, while others are saying wow Neelkamal bhaiya, what style did you sing. A song like this has been heard in the Bhojpuri industry after a long time. At the same time someone is calling Amrapali Dubey-Nirhua Jodi a super hit.

More than 9 million reels have been made

The reel of Tanushka Sharma's song 'Maroon Color Sadia' is also going viral.

The song has become so popular on people's lips that people are dancing to it at weddings, while making the reel is garnering thousands of views. The craze of this song is such that more than 9 lakh reels have been created on this song so far. Check out one such reel of Tanushka Sharma, which is very popular in the world of reels these days with 1.15 lakh views. His style makes people crazy. Some people are seeing Priyanka Chopra in her, while others are suggesting her to become a Bollywood heroine.

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Bhojpuri cinema can also take flight with pan India releases

It is clear that the song 'Maroon Color Sadia' is changing people's perception that only obscene and double meaning songs are sung in Bhojpuri. The song is penned by Pyare Lal Yadav and music is composed by Om Jha.
This song suggests that there is a lot of scope for experimentation in the Bhojpuri industry. The artistic style in which this song has been lovingly decorated, if so much effort is put into the film's screenplay, dialogues etc. Bhojpuri cinema can take flight for a pan India release just like South cinema.

Amrapali's captivating style with Nirhua in the song

In this beautiful song from the film 'Fasal', Nirhua is shown lovingly watching his heroine Amrapali in a field wearing trousers. Amrapali, wearing a sari, asks- “Dekha Tani Mithi Mi Muski Tu Maja Tara…Tuka Tuku Aisa Aisa Tu Kahe Nihare Tara…”
To this Nirhua replies- “Nafarat hatavale na hanaat najrava ho… jaan mare jaan ho maroon color saree… mind kaise kaise leen bhar aikavariyan ho…”
This beautiful romantic melody was released on Worldwide Records Bhojpuri YouTube channel in March last year. Apart from Nirhua-Amrapali, Fasal also stars Sanjay Pandey, Vineet Vishal, Shubhi Sharma, Ayaz Khan, Aruna Giri and Trisha Singh in lead roles.

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