The origins of Legally Blonde: a series is coming to Prime Video

A prequel produced by Reese Witherspoon will chronicle Elle Woods' high school years.

Whispered for several months, the series Legally Blonde is going to take place. Prime Video has confirmed that it has ordered this television adaptation, which will in fact be a prequel. The story will take place before the events of the two films from the 2000s. It will still center on Elle Woods and will recount her high school years.

Reese Witherspoon will not play the character again, in fact. But she will be very involved since she will be executive producer. It is she who officially announces the series: “I really couldn't be more excited about this series! Fans will discover how Elle Woods navigated her teenage world with her distinct personality and ingenuity, in a way that only our beloved Elle can. better ?!”

The series will be soberly titled She and will therefore follow “Elle Woods in high school as we learn about the life experiences that shaped her to become the iconic young woman we knew and loved in the first Legally Blonde film,” teases the official synopsis.

The series will be written by the showrunner Laura Kittrell. It remains to be seen who will play Elle Woods from now on and will take over from Reese Witherspoon in the casting. She has no date announced yet.


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