The Acolyte: The Jedi Event (review)

Steeped in good intentions and teeming with good ideas, the new Star Wars series is arriving in force on Disney Plus.

The opening scene with Carrie Ann Moss in Trinity mode in the distant galaxy sets the tone. A kung-fu fight that will bring back happy memories for Matrix fans, boosted by the Force and lightsabers! Yes, The Acolyte has style. And ideas. The new series Star Warswhich comes out this Wednesday on Disney Plus, is certainly the best creation in the saga since Andor.

As promised, it takes us back to the time of the High Republic, a mythical age in the universe Star Wars. An era never before seen on screen and which has long-time fans fantasizing about. And for good reason: it’s the golden age of the Jedi! The one where warriors in beige robes swinging lightsabers were at the height of their power. Dominant order for centuries, they are the ones who dictate law and morality to the rest of the Galaxy to maintain peace. A control which, in fact, causes some frustration among certain peoples far from Coruscant. So when Jedi are mysteriously murdered by a killer trained in the arts of the Force, Master Sol is tasked with leading the investigation. From planet to planet, he will track down the villain, who seems to obey a dark master…


The Acolyte teems with good intentions. We feel that Leslie Headland (the creator and director) is an absolute fan of the franchise imagined by George Lucas before his birth. The screenwriter offers a new approach to the Jedi, reversing the roles. This time, they are not the rebels who fight against the Established Order (that of the Empire in the trilogy). They are not the freedom-loving outsiders. This time, the Jedi embody the power in place, the Senate police, responsible for ensuring justice reigns, at the same time provoking desires for rebellion among many citizens… A new perspective which questions the capacity of a society to live in peace. His ability to accept the established order, whatever it may be, fair or not.

A pure philosophical consideration that The Acolyte only scratches the surface, unfortunately, refusing to include overly political considerations (the scathing criticisms against the senatorial negotiations of The Phantom Menace left traces). The Disney Plus series prefers to focus on the kung-fu-style police investigation. Who is the killer? Who manipulates her in the shadows? The investigations tend to go in circles after a few episodes and the plot struggles a little to take off. We understand that the dark side of the Force is growing in power and that the Sith will be reborn. The path to get there is a bit tricky.

The Acolyte Star Wars

Fortunately, in terms of form, The Acolyte bubbling with creativity. Leslie Headland – creator of Russian dolls on Netflix, and who became known in 2012 with Bachelorette – skillfully plays with its codes Star Wars by transforming space opera into a spectacular kung fu series. She uses the Force like never before, and integrates it into impressive martial arts sequences. Freed from the weight of the Skywalkers, it also gives birth to new characters brimming with class, starting with Master Sol, played by the star of Squid Game, Lee Jung-jae or Master Kelnacca, the legendary Jedi Wookie. The Acolyte could have been a great series. It’s ultimately a really good series. Star Wars and it's not so bad.

The Acolyte, season 1 in 8 episodes, to watch on Disney Plus from Wednesday June 5.


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