Tatami, an Iranian drama inspired by a true story [bande-annonce]

The main actress of Nights of Mashaad is in charge.

This year, the Cannes Film Festival had its eyes fixed on Iran with the symbolic presence of Iranian director Mohammad Rasoulof, with Wild fig tree seeds, which will be released in cinemas on September 18. It will be preceded by another committed Iranian drama, Tatamico-directed by Guy Nattiv (winner of the Oscar for best short film in 2019 for Skin) And Zar Amir (Interpretation Prize at Cannes in 2022 for The Nights of Mashaad). A film combining thriller, sport and politics. Inspired by a true story, Tatami follows the trajectory of a Judo champion (Arienne Mandi), which the Islamic Republic wants to force to abandon before its fight against an Israeli opponent.

For several decades, the two countries have been enemies. A conflict that Tatami wants to circumvent, like the “revolutionary” duo behind the film: the Franco-Iranian Zar Amir and the Israeli-American Guy Nattiv. On the occasion of his presentation at the Venice Film Festival last year, Zar Ami said this to theAFP :

“I learned in school that Israel does not exist. So we are not allowed to work together, meet, befriend or compete against this imaginary enemy.”

The Tatami trailer promises us a powerful work, in black and white, which we will be able to discover in cinemas from September 4.


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