Summary of Cannes 2024 Special Premiere: Pierre Niney, Furiosa, Megalopolis, Diane Kruger, Ghibli, The Acolyte…

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Pierre Niney is on the cover of the new First. “With his event film, the actor is preparing to walk in Cannes”we write about the new hero of the Count of Monte Cristopresented out of competition on Wednesday May 22.

The French actor is obviously not the only Cannes star to be in the spotlight in this special issue of the 77th edition of the festival. First has also put together a focus on Furiosaof George Millervia a meeting with its main actress, Anya Taylor-Joy. Zoom also on the opening film event of Quentin Dupieux, The Second Acton the Honorary Palme d’Or given to Studios Ghibli and on the one which will honor the creator of Star Wars and of THX1138, George Lucas.

Without forgetting Megalopoliswhich marks the great return to Cannes of Francis Ford Coppola, Love Phewof Gilles Lellouchean interview with Christophe Honoreback this year with Marcello Mioa focus on the director of photography of Parthenope, Daria D'Antonioand an interview with Diane Krugerwho stars in the very personal new film by David Cronenberg, The Shrouds.

Love, betrayal, justice: Pierre Niney alone against all in the trailer for The Count of Monte Cristo

In addition to Cannes events, this month the editorial team offers you a focus on The Acolytethe next series Star Wars from Disney+, as well as numerous reviews of films not to be missed in May and June: Belle de Gaza, Fantastic Three, Queens, When Evil Lurks, Little Mop, Juliette in Spring, Love is Bleeding, The Bikeriders, Maria

On the series side, First advise you Dark Mattercurrently on Apple TV+, carried by Jennifer Connelly in an express interview, but also Bodkinan Irish investigation with Will Forte to discover on Netflix and Mary & Georgethe new historic show from Canal+ with Julianne Moore.

This month is Vincent Delermwho has just signed the soundtrack of Out of seasonby Stéphane Brizé, who lends himself to the game of “Film that…”

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It's going to be cotton

“A peaceful, peaceful and joyful festival. » This is what Thierry Frémaux, the general delegate of the Cannes Film Festival, promised when launching the new edition during his traditional press conference last April. The president, Iris Knobloch, spoke of her “cotton wedding” with Thierry Frémaux. A way of reminding us that the Croisette lives in another space-time and intends to protect festival-goers from the vicissitudes of the outside world. But at a time when some have already unpacked their suitcases and are rushing to the Palais des Festivals to see the new Dupieux or the first film by a young Saudi filmmaker as if their lives depended on it, there is no longer any question of cotton or joy.

Cannes is first of all a marathon that we run (on the press side but especially on the industry side) in a form of stress and gluttonous nervousness which will gradually escalate to the point of madness. For twelve days, everyone will live at a pace where the frivolous rubs shoulders with pure creation, where the merchants of the temple meet true artists, all in a wild bacchanal.

If we return every year, it is firstly because the Festival remains a unique utopia in the world, where faith in cinema and especially in films and their power still hovers above the laws of the market. With its particularly exciting selection and an open, popular and attractive jury, we obviously wanted to put this 77th edition under the X-ray.

Gaël Golhen, editor-in-chief

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