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Movie – Srikanth
Director- Tushar Hiranandani
Starring- Rajkumar Rao, Jyothika, Alaya F, Sharad Kelkar, Jamil Khan and others
Platform- Cinema Theatre
Rating- Three and a half

Srikanth Movie Review: A biopic based on the life of visually impaired businessman Srikanth Bolla hits theaters this Friday. Directed by Tusshar Hiranandani, the film celebrates Srikanth's life rather than glorifying his struggles. Generally biopic has been used as another name for Gaurav in Hindi cinema, but this biopic film does not make Srikanth a god but brings out his strengths as well as his flaws in the story as a man. That makes this inspirational story even more heart touching. The film more effectively portrays the society and system's view of the disabled.

This story is about fighting life's struggles without running away.
The film is the story of a blind industrialist Srikanth Bolla (Rajkumar Rao). This story starts from his birth. After the birth of a boy in a very ordinary farming family in Machilipatnam in the south, his father is going to bury him alive, as the villagers believe that their blind child is a burden not only on them but also on themselves. Life will be that, but the mother of his son intervenes and pleads with her husband and the father is heartbroken. The very first scene of the film hits the heart. The story then moves forward. Despite being visually impaired, he is the smartest student in his village school. He solves math problems verbally, but he is also the victim of daily bullying by children. His father asks why he doesn't run away during the fight. In reply he says that he cannot run away, he can only fight. He does this all his life because he doesn't get admission in college because he is blind, he files a case against the Indian education system and makes all blind people study science again. So he goes to MIT in America and completes his further education. He is very happy with his life in America, but at the request of his girlfriend Swati (Alaya) he returns to India and starts his own company, so that he can help the disabled in the country to become self-reliant. But it is not so simple. Everyone calls his business ideas rubbish. How a garbage idea turns into a multi-million dollar company. This story follows. How a teacher (Jyotika) becomes Srikanth's support system in his educational journey and a businessman Ravi (Sharad Kelkar) in his professional journey. This movie also shows this very well.

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Advantages and disadvantages of film
The biopic genre has become one of the popular genres of Hindi films in the last decade, but there are very few films that have been able to let a person be human. She is glorified in such a way that it is as if we are seeing a God on the screen, not a human being. This feeling comes up many times. Director Tusshar Hiranandani and his team of writers deserve kudos for presenting the visually inspiring Srikanth's story with ease and complete honesty. This matter has not been found to be superior anywhere. How much success has Srikanth, who is blind, achieved using disability as a weapon? There were many possibilities to turn this story into a melodrama, but the makers have completely avoided this story. Despite being visually impaired, Srikanth is very positive and cheeky and the overall treatment of the story is similar, however, the film does not fail to question the system. The film also brilliantly shows the contrast between how blind people are marginalized in our system, while abroad they are mainstreamed in every way. It makes common people aware that responsibility does not end just by crossing the road.

What are the flaws in the movie?
As engaging and effective as the first half of the film is, talking about its shortcomings, the story drags a bit in the second half. It still needed a little work. Recurrence is seen in some situations. Music suits the story. Papa says this song takes the film to a different height. Communication has been good. Other aspects are also good.

Powerful performance by Rajkummar Rao
Talking about the acting, Rajkummar Rao has mastered Srikanth's character perfectly. From the way he walks to his facial expressions, they have adopted everything very strictly. Jyothika has also managed to show a powerful presence through her acting. When Rajkummar Rao's character is expelled from a school for the disabled and he meets Jyothika's character on the street, the way she cleans his face. That scene shows how deeply she has settled into her character. Sharad Kelkar also wins hearts with his acting. Rest of the characters including Alaya F do justice to their roles.

Report- Urmila Kori

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