Robert Downey Jr wants to come back to play Iron Man and he is the first to be surprised!

“I am now open-minded to the idea of ​​coming back…”

He has already starred in 10 different Marvel Cinematic Universe films between 2008 and 2019. But Robert Downey Jr. wouldn't be against making an 11th!

The actor faces Jodie Foster in a short video for Variety this week, discussing their respective careers. And RDJ explains that, 5 years later Avengers: Endgamehe is now open to a potential return to the MCU:

“It’s just crazy how much it’s in my DNA,” begin Robert Downey Jr.. “He's probably the character that's most like me, the character that I've played that's closest to me… even though he's way cooler than me!“Then the 59-year-old actor opens the door to a comeback:


“I am now, to my great surprise, open-minded to the idea of ​​returning to the MCU. I did Oppenheimer then Sympathizer recently, you did True Detective… And it's really crazy because we look pretty good, right? To be honest, I was looking at the photos we just took. I wanted to see if we still looked good. GOOD !”

Robert Downey Jr. won his Oscar a few months ago for his supporting role in Oppenheimer. And maybe that sparked a new desire for blockbusters in him. The fact remains that Tony Stark is no longer in the MCU and it would be necessary – if his return were to arrive – to find a way to bring him back into the saga… via the multiverse?


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