Renate Reinsve, Julie's dazzling revelation (in 12 chapters)

Cannes 2021: Joachim Trier presents Renate Reinsve during Julie's photocall (in 12 chapters)

Cannes 2021: Herbert Nordrum and Renate Reinsve

Cannes 2021: Herbert Nordrum, Renate Reinsve, Joachim Trier and Anders Danielsen Lie at Julie's photocall (in 12 chapters)

Cannes 2021: Renate Reinsve at Julie's photocall (in 12 chapters)

Cannes 2021: Julie's red carpet (in 12 chapters), in competition

Cannes 2021: Renate Reinsve and Anders Danielsen Lie

Cannes 2021: Renate Reinsve on Julie's red carpet (in 12 chapters)

Meeting with the Norwegian actress from Joachim Trier's event film.

Updated May 15, 2024: Renate Reinsve received the Best Actress Award in July 2021 at Cannes for Julie (in 12 chapters). The jury thus rewarded one of the great revelations of this 74th edition.

While the 77th Cannes Film Festival is in full swing, this film will be broadcast this evening on Arte – and also visible in replay. While waiting for news from future collaboration between the actress and the director Joachim Trierwe reshare his video interview.

Titane receives the Palme d'Or: The complete winners of the 74th Cannes Film Festival

Interview from July 10, 2021: She had a scene, a very small scene in Oslo August 31. But she never lost contact with Joachim Trier who, by embarking on the writing of Julie (in 12 chapters), had only her in mind to play the title role. A proposal that came more than exactly right because the day before this meeting, Renate Reinsve thought about putting her acting career on hold for lack of exciting projects. Months later, here she is on the Croisette to defend this film in competition and the first major role of her career. And in one evening, that of July 9, 2021, her destiny has undoubtedly just changed as she thrilled festival-goers with her strikingly natural interpretation, full of nuances, as stunning in moments of comedy as in moments of drama which span the chronicle over several years of the life of this wife, her loves, her friends, her troubles. Meet our crush at the start of the festival.

Cannes 2021 – Julie (in 12 chapters): Joachim Trier x-rays his generation in an irresistible love story


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