Reacher's new enemy will be 2.18 m tall in season 3!

Olivier Richters, aka the “Dutch Giant”, has just been recruited to play Paulie.

He'll find someone to talk to! In season 3 of Richterthe hero played by the massive Alan Ritchson will face a Golgoth. The Dutch bodybuilder Olivier Richterswho officially measures 2.18 meters and weighs 160 kilos on the scale, has just been cast to play the big bad in the new season of the Amazon series.

He will play Paulie, in this adaptation of the seventh book by Lee Child, Persuade.

It was Anthony Michael Hall, who will play Zachary Beck in season 3, who confirmed in an interview with Cinemablend thatOlivier Richters, nicknamed the “Dutch Giant” was chosen to play this big, iconic villain from the books. In this season 3, Reacher will undertake an undercover operation in Zachary Beck's lair. One of Beck's bodyguards will thus be Paulie, a disturbed and intimidating bodybuilder, described as a colossus by the hero himself in the pages of the novel.

Olivier Richters has already been seen in the cinema in Black Widow And The King's Man.

The filming of season 3 of Reacher is already very advanced. It does not yet have a release date on Prime Video.


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