“Quoicoubeh!” Will Smith takes up French

Who would have imagined the Bad Boys star coming out with such an expression?

When it comes to promoting their latest release, distributors have to work extra hard – even more so in the age of social media. “buzz” is synonymous with additional entries into dark rooms. Recently, it was the casting of Furiosa who undertook this exercise for Warner Bros. France with a video that set Tik Tok on fire where Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth try to guess original lines from the blockbuster from their French translation. If the young woman shines with her ease in expressing herself in the language of Molière, the Australian actor diverts her obvious difficulties with humor…

Now it is the turn of Will Smith And Martin Lawrence to play the game for Bad Boys: Ride or Die. And there too, there is something to smile about! The performers of Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, accompanied by the co-director of this part, Adil El Arbi (still with Bilall Fallah), are doing a publicity stunt for their film with French expressions anchored in the spirit of the times.

Pure idiom of the French language, the “What the hell” by Martin Lawrence delighted Internet users who were far from expecting that – especially when it is repeated by Will Smith right behind. The actor of I'm a legend chain “Wesh blood, are you okay?” with a big smile. An idea for dubbing the film perhaps?

“Brother, Bad Boys: Ride or Die It’s an amazing film!”

With such a statement, trying to see the continuation of this franchise initiated in 1995 by Michael Bay.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die comes out June 5. While their dear Captain Howard (Joe Pantoliano) was killed and discredited by drug dealers, Mike and Marcus go on a mission to clear his name. But along the way, they too will be fooled and become fugitives…


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