Quentin Dupieux starts strong with The Second Act

70,000 curious people came to discover the opening film of Cannes 2024. It's a little better than for Yannick and Daaaaaali!, already in the top of the French director.

Despite a lunar Cannes press conference, The Second Act a hit at the French box office. Finally, everything must be put into perspective. We are far, in fact, from the records broken by Artus at the time of the release ofA little something extra, a few weeks ago. But for one Dupieux, The Second Act done the best.

The film sees four characters cross paths. That of Léa Seydoux introduces her boyfriend (Louis Garrel) to his father (Vincent Lindon), who prefers a candidate of his choice (Raphaël Quenard). A simple device, à la Dupieux, and which relies heavily on its five-star casting.

And it works. For its first day of release, the French director's thirteenth feature attracted just over 29,000 curious people, which, including previews, gives a cumulative total of nearly 70,000 admissions.

Cannes 2024: what is the opening film, The Second Act of Quentin Dupieux, worth? [critique]

Thanks to these performances, The Second Act becomes the best start to Quentin Dupieux's career. For example, it exceeds 50,000 entries of Daaaaaali! and the 26,000 of Yannick, its two biggest successes with more than 400,000 vouchers exchanged for each in total. Will his new achievement manage to be the first to cross the 500,000 mark?

Figures which can be explained by the casting, the presentation of the film at the opening of the Cannes festival, but also by the fact that opinions agree that it is a success. “Léa Seydoux, Vincent Lindon, Louis Garrel, completed by Raphaël Quenard, allow the filmmaker to sign his best film since At office !,” we wrote in our review.

The future will tell us if the success of the film lasts over time. The Second Act is currently available in cinemas. Here is the original trailer for the film:


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