One Piece: seasons 2 and 3 shot back to back?

An astonishing revelation from actor Brashaad Mayweather…

Netflix achieved the impossible by adapting One Piece in live action, successfully, last summer. It didn't take long for Season 2 to be ordered. And obviously, production is already working on season 3.


The actor Brashaad Mayweather, who plays Patty, a cook at Baratie, the restaurant founded by Zeff, discussed her time on the series during an interview. He quickly appeared in episodes 5 and 6 and explains that he is hopeful of returning in the sequel. And he reveals in passing that seasons 2 and 3 could be filmed consecutively:

“We'll see if they bring Patty back, because they're shooting two seasons there. Seasons 2 and 3 are going to be filmed back-to-back, and it'll start soon. So we'll see what happens (for Patty).”

A surprising revelation, since season 3 of One Piece has not yet been officially ordered, but that is not far-fetched: Netflix would certainly like to limit the time between two seasons. Season 1 released in summer 2023 will wait at least two years before having a sequel. Season 2 won't air until 2025 at the earliest. Shooting season 3 straight away will reduce the wait by several months, thus avoiding the risk of seeing the positive buzz fall like a bellows.


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