Nagpuri movie Panchayat Kar Khela is releasing today on JD High Street.

Ranchi: Nagpuri film Panchayat Kar Khela released under Karma Entertainment Productions banner today. From today it can be seen at JD Cinemas on JD High Street on Main Road. The film was released here before.

Actors in Jharkhand are very enthusiastic about this film. Ashok Mahato, Ramgupta, Rajiv Sinha, Monica Mundu, Arpita Das, Kumar Saurabh, Rambabu, Shani Thakur, Deepak Chaudhary, Ashok Gope, Amlesh, Varsha, Prakash, Ranjit Bihari, Indrajit Singh, Namita Singh are the main actors of the movie. The cast includes Director Producer Actor Ashok Mahato, Writer Kumar Saurabh, Screenplay Belal, Cameraman Sandeep Gupta, Assistant Cameraman Shiva, Editor Prahlad Thakur etc.

An atmosphere of curiosity due to the movie being released during the election period

The film Panchayat Kar Khel is filled with the excitement of the village people during the panchayat elections and the banter between the candidates and the voters. Which has a message along with humor, sadness and wit. Overall this movie connects people with their village. The film has received a U certificate. So you can watch this movie with whole family. The film was shot in the vicinity of Ranchi. It took six months to make this film.

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