Marion Cotillard joins Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston on The Morning Show

The French star arrives in the prestigious Apple TV+ series.

Two Oscar-winning stars face to face: Marion Cotillard has just signed to respond to Reese Witherspoon in season 4 of The Morning Show.

She will play Céline Dumont, described as “a wise leader from a great European family”.

The French star thus finds Hollywood and Apple TV+, she who had starred in an episode of the ecological anthology Extrapolations Last year.


We must also remember that before being a movie star, Marion Cotillard made his debut on the small screen, in series like Highlander Or Extreme Limit.

In any case, she completes an XXL cast, since in this season 4 of The Morning Show, Marion Cotillard will not only cross Reese Witherspoonbut also Jennifer Aniston, Billy Crudup or Jon Hamm.

No release date yet, but this season 4 will not be broadcast before 2025.


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