Man says attacker shouted hateful slurs in West Hollywood attack – NBC Los Angeles

A 38-year-old resident of West Hollywood says he was on his way home on Sunday night when he became the victim of a hate crime. 

“Out of nowhere I just see this hand come over and slap me in the face and the next thing you know I am in a daze,” David Velasquez said.

The attack happened as he was riding his scooter along Santa Monica Boulevard near Hancock around 10 p.m.

“I could see people pulling out their phones and recording and the flash and everything. I knew that they were recording,” Velasquez said.

According to Velasquez, the assailant tackled him to the ground, threw him onto the street and attempted to push him into oncoming traffic. Throughout the ordeal, Velasquez faced verbal abuse, with his attacker spewing hateful language, he said

“The next thing I know he is coming at me, tackling me to the floor, throwing me into the street, trying to push me into cars, knocking my head into the concrete talking, ‘Die, f–,’ if I can say it,” Velasquez stated.

The sheriff’s department said the attack is being investigated.

“The investigation does take on a different complexion. It’s being added as a hate incident as part of the report,” Capt. Bill Moulder, of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station, said. 

The assailant is believed to have targeted another man after attacking Velasquez. However, there were no reports of hate speech in that subsequent incident.

“In addition, there was information that maybe a female was slapped, but we haven’t had any reports or no one came into the sheriff’s station to report that kind of incident,” stated Capt. Moulder. 

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