Lupine, One Piece, Suits… The most viewed films and series on Netflix in 2023

Sam Esmail's film, The World After Us, blew up the scores.

Netflix reveals its figures. Which films and series marked 2023, between July and December? The 260 million subscribers worldwide watched approximately 90 billion hours of Netflix in the second half (up from 93 billion hours in the first half). 6,599 seasons of series have been put online and 9,395 films in total. And among this mass of content, a few programs have managed to become phenomena.

First the Sam Esmail film, The World After Us, was the most watched film on Netflix worldwide in the second half of 2023. The 5th biggest movie hit of all time on Netflix generated 121 million views in just over three weeks (following its release on December 8 ). It's ahead of the action film Agent Stone worn by Gal Gadot, which has recorded nearly 110 million views. On the podium, we find Leo by Adam Sandler, which became the streamer's biggest animated film to date, with 96 million views after its release on November 11. Finally, we note that it is the Spanish science fiction film Nowherewhich won the prize for non-English films, viewed 86 million times.


On the other hand, on the series side, it's the French Lupine which is doing well. With 49.7 million views, part 3 carried by Omar Sy again achieved a big score, even if the Parisian thriller remains a good distance from number 1: the phenomenon One Piece totaled 72 million views, ahead of the thriller Who Is Erin Carter? (50.1 million). On the podium, Lupine still ahead The Witcher Season 3 (47.9 million) and even the end of Sex Education (46.3 million).

Lupine Omar Sy

But the all-category champion of the Netflix catalog is not a Netflix creation: Suits, the legal series with Meghan Markle, remains the biggest success of the platform. Suits alone recorded 144 million views over its nine seasons in the second half of 2023. Other old series like Young Sheldon (88 million views), Grey's Anatomy (51 million), Gossip Girl (49 million) and Gilmore Girls (45 million) continued to keep the Netflix machine running.


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