Kajol suddenly burst into laughter during Shilpa's death scene in Baazigar, a move that made Abbas break down in tears.

Baazigar: Shah Rukh Khan, Shilpa Shetty and Kajol starrer Baazigar has been seen by almost everyone. People still remember the scenes and powerful dialogues from the movie. This movie became a turning point for all the three stars. Kajol entered B-Toss through this film. She left a lasting impression playing Priya's sister Seema Chopra. Now Abbas-Mustan has made a sensational revelation about Shilpa Shetty's death scene in Baazigar. He said that Kajol couldn't stop smiling when this scene was being shot. He also told how he had pacified the actress at that time.

Kajol started laughing loudly after seeing Shilpa's death scene.
Speaking to Radio Nasha Official, director Abbas-Mustan shared many interesting anecdotes from the sets of the film. She said that during one scene Shilpa's character falls to her death from a terrace, only 17-year-old Kajol cried as Shah Rukh Khan consoled her. However, Mastan said that Kajol couldn't stop smiling during serious scenes. It was his age that could not understand his seriousness. They said that Kajol laughed after seeing Shilpa sleeping with her eyes open, as she thought it was impossible for a dead person to have their eyes open.

Abbas silenced Kajol with this trick
He added, “We told them, 'Imagine that the dead girl lying on the floor is your younger sister Tanisha… What would you do if you found your real sister covered in blood?' After that, Kajol started crying and kept crying even sitting in the car. We only shot in one take and everything he did in the scene was natural.

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