Josh Brolin and Daryl McCormack arrive in Knives Out 3, filming is imminent

Rian Johnson will film this sequel for Netflix starting this June 2024.

After a short break over the weekend, the casting announcements ofAt Knives Out 3 resumed last night with the arrival of Josh Brolin (The Goonies, Sicario, Avengers…). Who therefore joins and Daryl McCormack (Peaky Blinders, My Dates with Leo), whose name was cited on Friday, as well as Josh O'Connor, Cailee Spaeny, Glenn Close, Kerry Washington, Andrew Scott, Mila Kunis And Jeremy Renner. And Daniel Craig back as Benoit Blanc, obviously.

If the roles of each are obviously kept secret, as it would be a shame to reveal too early who is the culprit and who are the victims of this third whodunnit of the saga, there are several theories on Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery. The following one holds water: what if this third part were A musical ?

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After resuming the tradition of storytelling “Cluedo”as in the best Agatha Christie in At loggerheads in 2019 – but relocated within a rich American family – Rian Johnson took his investigator into the suite, partly taking up the codes of Death on the Nile or other novels by the famous British author set far from England. Could it be that he's tackling another classic of murder mysteriesnamely a stage performance?

SlashFilm noticed that all the actors cast so far had the common point of knowing how to sing, and the co-writer and director being an absolute fan of the Phantom of the Operahe could take advantage of the popularity of his trilogy of investigations to pay homage to his favorite musical comedy writer, Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Of course, we have to wait for official confirmation from Rian Johnson and/or Netflix, but we see that his last two actors can absolutely sing along. Daryl was in choir throughout school, and Brolin has appeared in musical sketches, such as for SNL, and recently co-created a song for his character. Dunewith composer Hans Zimmer.

Another theory that has been circulating since the arrival of Josh Brolin: what if he played the bad guy? Beware of spoilers : to fully understand the reasoning, you must have seen Knives Out 1 And 2.

Until now, each murderer was a former Marvel actor: Chris Evans, the ex-Captain America, was the big bad of the first film, and Edward Norton, the first Bruce Banner/Hulk before the arrival of Mark Ruffalo, was behind the crimes of Glass Onion. Choosing the interpreter of the terrible Thanos (but also of Cable in Deadpool 2) immediately caused Marvel fans to react on social networks. Will the former Avengers adversary give Benoit Blanc a hard time? In any case, he will come across one of his “enemies”: Jeremy Renner, aka Hawkeye… but also Glenn Close, aka Nova Prime in the first Guardians of the Galaxy.

Fans of Knives Out also noticed that the placement of the names on the posters of the two films gave the role of the key characters: the first name refers to Benoit Blanc, the second is that of the murderer, the third designates the accomplice of the investigator and the last is that of the victim. Is it a coincidence? Was this wanted by the production? Now that this has been spotted, it's assumed the team will change the placement order to Wake Up Dead Man !

Last clarification: by sharing the announcement of Josh Brolin in the casting ofAt Knives Out 3, The Hollywood Reporter specifies that filming should start this month in England. Netflix has already announced that the film will be released on the platform in 2025. Probably at the end of the year, like the first two?

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