John Krasinski stole the Dunder Mifflin sign at the end of The Office!

“I always lied to Greg that I didn't take it, but I did…I stole it.”

Reunion between former members of the office! This week, John Krasinski was the guest of Jenna Fischer And Angela Kinsey for their podcast Office Ladies. In other words, Jim Halpert found Pam Beasley and Angela Martin. And together they talked about the end of The Office.

“I’m getting choked up just talking about it,” confides the man who has become a popular director in Hollywood, and who is coming out this week Blue & Company At the movie theater.

John Krasinski thus explained that Greg Daniels announced to the entire team the end of the series at the Poor Richard bar in Scranton. “I think the black color came out of my mouth. It was just the scariest, most beautiful, most horrible moment of my life.” assures the actor, who confides in the process that he felt the need to steal an important memory: he stole the Dunder Mifflin sign, on the flagship building of The Office.

“I always lied to Greg that I didn't take it, but I did…I stole it.”

Krasinski put the sign in his car, as if he “moved a body“. Angela Kinsey the view. She didn't say anything. When Daniels asked Krasinski at the wrap party if he had seen the sign, he said no. Still, the actor doesn't say what he does with it or if the Dunder Mifflin sign is hung in his own living room…


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