Jodie Foster would have preferred Killers of the Flower Moon to be an 8-hour series

“It would have allowed us to explore all these other characters and give them another perspective,” says the actress, starring in the fourth season of True Detective.

The American magazine Variety released a new addition to his series on YouTube “Actors on Actors”opposing the actress and director Jodie Foster has Robert Downey Jr. The two artists have known each other for a long time, Jodie Foster having even directed the interpreter of Iron Man in her second film as a director, Family weekend (1995).

In addition to allowing them to remember the good old days, this format was also an opportunity for Downey Jr. and Foster to discuss their latest respective projects: the fourth season of True Detective for Jodie Foster, and The Sympathizer for Robert Downey Jr., two HBO series.

The final installment of the anthology series True Detective, acclaimed by critics, moves the action to the Arctic research station Tsalal, in Alaska, where Native populations are very present. Jodie Foster plays Chief Inspector Liz Danvers, whose racist views and opinions clash with those of Detective Evangeline Navarro, played by Kali Reis. A dynamic which led Jodie Foster, very involved in the creative process of the series, to a broader reflection on the representation of Natives, also at the heart of Killers of the Flower Moonthe film of Martin Scorsese released a few months before the last season of True Detective.

“I thought about Killers of the Flower Moon, an extraordinary three and a half hour film. And I wondered why they didn't do an eight hour production, says Jodie Foster in the video below. It would have allowed us to explore all these other characters and give them another perspective. What's great about limited series is that you can have this romantic idea of ​​going off on tangents and connecting them together.”

Apple TV+

It is important to remember that Scorsese's latest film, produced by Apple +, was sometimes criticized precisely because of its length. Starting from the mixed couple formed by the characters of Lily Gladstone And Leonardo DiCaprio, its plot focuses on the real massacre of the Osage people by whites coveting a fortune linked to the oil trade. An episode in American history often obscured by official versions, and highlighted by Scorsese in this film, presented out of competition at Cannes last year.

An approach that Jodie Foster would have carried out differently, but whose preciousness she recognizes:

“The world is moving in the right direction, and so are we. We get better instead of worse, and we become more aware. That's what I hope anyway. And I hope that with films, we help create an atmosphere where people can question themselves, look at themselves and listen to the voices of everyone who speaks. Now that I am in my fifties or sixties, I very often ask myself the question of: 'Why are you the one talking? Why isn't he or she talking?'. For our series, True Detectiveand I think this is also true for The Sympathizerwhich I loved, it was really important to reframe and refocus the discourse, particularly on the indigenous population.”

If Jodie Foster mentions The Sympathizerseries for which Robert Downey Jr. says that Park Chan-wookits creator, gave him “offered all white guy roles”we could also mention Oppenheimerthe film of Christopher Nolan in which the actor plays the role which earned him his first Oscar, and which was widely criticized for the absence of a Japanese point of view. To the extent that Takashi Yamazaki (Godzilla: Minus One), who nevertheless loved the film, offered to create a response to it.

The video “Actors on actors” with Jodie Foster and Robert Downey Jr. can be discovered below:


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