Jim Jarmush brings together a large cast for his triptych: Cate Blanchett, Adam Driver, Tom Waits, Vicky Krieps…

We find veterans of his cinema, and newcomers: Indya Moore, Charlotte Rampling…

During this festival period, it also has its history with the Croisette with eleven nominations. In 2019, he opened the Cannes Film Festival with The Dead Don't Die – a horror comedy where zombies criticized consumer society. This year, Jim Jarmusch is not part of the competition, but that does not prevent it from being present through distributors. During the week, on the professional market, the distribution company Match Factory provided more information regarding the filmmaker's new film, including a whole list of actors involved in the project.

It will be a triptych. Three different stories set in three different countries, but still evolving around child-like adults and their relationship with their distant family and each other. The first part of the film entitled “Father” is planned on the East Coast of the United States, the second, “Mother”in Dublin, Ireland, and the last “Sister Brother” in Paris.

Father Mother Sister Brother, here is soon a game of the seven families. Described as more personal and with many musical elements, it is a “comedy with melancholy touches and studies around the characters, calm, in observation and non-judgment.”

In this project, the offbeat and rock director of Dead Man And Only Lovers Lef Alive calls on veterans of his cinema like Cate Blanchett (Coffee and Cigarettes), the artist Tom Waits (Coffee and Cigarettes, The Dead Don't Die) And Adam Driver who – after Paterson And The Dead Don't Die will therefore sign his third collaboration – his triptych Jarmusch.

Paterson: minimalist masterpiece

New faces are also appearing: Indya Moore (Laid), Charlotte Rampling (Dune), Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory) And Vicky Krieps (Phantom Thread) which we find with pink hair!

No Iggy Pop around although it was with the Iguana that the filmmaker had the most fruitful collaboration. The post-production of Father Mother Sister Brother should be finished at the end of the year and in France, the film will be distributed by Les Films du Losange who have already acquired it.


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