Janhvi Kapoor's bungalow in Chennai is no less than a Shahi Mahal.

Janhvi Kapoor Chennai Home Photo: Sridevi and Boney Kapoor's daughter and Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor lives in Mumbai for her film career. Sometimes she also goes to her bungalow in Chennai. The house was bought by the late actress Sridevi and decorated with great love. A few years ago, Janhvi gave fans a glimpse of the beautiful bungalow and said that Mama bought many items from other countries and decorated every corner of the house herself. Sridevi's dream was to convert her Chennai bungalow into a hotel, but she died before that. Now his daughter i.e. Janhvi Kapoor has realized this dream.

Janhvi Kapoor's Chennai bungalow is no less than a Shahi Mahal.
Actually, Janhvi Kapoor has tied up with Airbnb and opened her bungalow to the public. Airbnb has also included the mansion bought by Sridevi in ​​the list of 11 Icon Properties. The listing says Janhvi will welcome two guests, who will have access to each space, one bedroom and one bathroom.

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Janhvi Kapoor showed a glimpse of the bungalow
The actress also gave fans a glimpse of her bungalow on Instagram. In which a green garden is seen for the first time. To the side is a large swimming pool, fountain, luxury bedroom and dining area. “I am excited to share my family's customs and traditions,” said the actress. She added that guests will have the opportunity to relax like the Kapoor family, “hanging out by the pool, enjoying some of our favorite dishes, doing yoga, and reminiscing about my mom.”

About Janhvi's Chennai mansion
Sridevi bought this bungalow after marrying producer Boney Kapoor. This was the first house bought by the late actress. Every corner of it was decorated with great love by Sridevi. Enormous paintings and artworks will mesmerize you. After Sridevi's death in 2018, Boney renovated the mansion. Janhvi Kapoor gave a glimpse of her home at the 2022 Vogue India show. The mansion includes Boney's Chennai office, Sridevi's first painting, a secret room, a memorial wall with old family memories.

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