Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are best friends (or not) in the new Deadpool & Wolverine spot

The marketing lesson continues.

When there is no more, there is still some. Launched last February, the promotion of Deadpool & Wolverine does not decrease in intensity two months before the film's release. Barely time to discover the popcorn bucket, inspired by that of Dune 2 (more gritty of course), and now Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds bring us a new spot that happily crosses the border between fiction and reality.

Released in the United States a few days ago for the opening of pre-sales, this sketch is coming to us in VOST to announce midnight screenings Deadpool & Wolverine, which will take place on the night of July 23 to 24, the day before the film's release. For the occasion, the two stars appear in their own roles and play on their famous friendship, disrupted by the fact that they spend a good part of the film trying to kill each other!

Marvel, which gave Deadpool carte blanche for his arrival in the MCU, also released last week the official poster for Deadpool & Wolverine, where we once again find the two superheroes in full confrontation. Will the marketing lesson come to fruition in the cinema? This is what all Disney fans and management are hoping for. Response from July 24.


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