HPI: why season 4 which begins will be the penultimate

Morgane Alvaro's days are numbered. HPI will end after the fifth season.

This time, it's official : HPI won't last forever. The (very) successful TF1 series returns this Thursday, May 16, 2024, in prime time, with season 4 which promises to be the penultimate.

Because Audrey Fleurot confirmed these days, in an interview with Télé Poche: “Season 5 of HPI will be the last. The actress then clarifies that these scheduled farewells will not necessarily be final. “We give ourselves the opportunity to come back for a special evening or perhaps go to the cinema if we find the right angle…”


Audrey Fleurot valid despite everything she already suggested in Lille, last March, during the Séries Mania festival, affirming that HPI should “stop before we tire people.” She then said: “HPI must leave, frustrating the fans… And then I believe that this is not a series that can be renewed forever. We are not going to put Morgane in trouble again and again.”

Above all, the actress mentioned “this love story with Karadec“, at the center of the intrigues and “which will be decisive“, for the end of HPI. Audrey Fleurot then referred to the famous syndrome Moonlightnamed after this flagship detective series of the 1980s, whose audiences plummeted, when the romance between the two heroes materialized on screen: “Once Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd got together, people couldn't care less about the show! So, the aspect “they lived happily and had many children”, it’s not really possible to do a season on that in my opinion.” Implied: HPI will stop when Morgane and Karadec take the plunge. Or not.

HPI season 4

Because, the star also suggests that she does not want a blue flower happy ending agreed for her heroine: “Morgane is a very non-conformist character. What do we wish for him? Where do we want to take him? These are the kinds of questions we are asking ourselves right now. We talk about it together with the creators, the producers. I would like Morgane to invent a family that we haven't been able to invent in real life. What could she imagine as a new family? Basically, I don't wish him the norm! We want her to be more intelligent than us… She has an IQ of 160, that must be useful for something!

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His boss, the head screenwriter Alice Chegaray-Breugnotis on the same wavelength and confides to Ozap: “We have been wondering for a long time how to end this story. What would be a great ending for Morgana? Before even considering the end of the series, we ask ourselves where we want to leave this character. This is a difficult question because on looped series, it's not easy to make a good ending.n”, she analyzes, quoting in passing the finale of Dr House, particularly melancholy, as “an example of a successful ending”.

For now, the writing of this final season 5 of HPI has not yet started. “But we all want to stop before we even start to get tiredr” concludes Alice Chegaray-Breugnot. “It will be a difficult mourning (…) but HPI has nourished my days, my nights, since 2018 and so obviously we want new characters, new universes.”


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