Hot in front! Carmy's Squad returns for a third season [bande-annonce]

And “the atmosphere is weird” according to one of its employees.

After releasing a brief teaser a few days ago, FX finally revealed the complete menu for this third season of its Emmys pool, The Bear.

On the program and in bulk: lists of non-negotiable elements, piñatas, partner contracts, romantic breakups, asymmetrical bowls, surprise birthdays, financial problems, red codes, inspections, star dreams, “crazy scribbles”, fights and others overflows.

In this trailer, we better understand the issues of this new season, where, according to the official synopsis, “Carmy is becoming more and more exhausted at work and is extremely demanding of his team, who do their best to meet his expectations”after Carmy, Sydney and Richie “have managed to transform their sandwich shop, The Bear, into a gourmet establishment”.

The whole brigade is back. In addition to the characters of Jeremy Allen White, Ebon Moss-Bachrach and D'Ayo Edebirithose from Lionel Boyce (Marcus), Liza Colon-Zayas (Tina), Matty Matheson (Neil), but also those ofOlivier Platt (Cicero) and Jon Bernthal (Mikey).

This third part will be released on June 27 on Disney + in France (and on Hulu in the United States). We are waiting to see if it will convince as much as the previous one at the 2025 Emmy Awards and Golden Globes.

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